There’s little difference between noni fruit grown in Hawaii and noni fruit grown in Tahiti. Noni grows all around the world in Hawaii, Tahiti, China, Malaysia, India… and it is the very same plant. Of course different climates, soil and other factors are more conducive to growing healthy noni plants and fruit. Our farms are in the Puna region on the Big Island of Hawaii where the growing conditions and rich volcanic soil are ideal and our noni trees are lush and full of fruit year round.

There are however very important differences between our Hawaiian Virgin Noni Juice and many other noni juices irregardless of which part of the world the noni is grown.

The main difference is that a lot of these other noni juices are not pure noni juice but instead a diluted watered down mixture of different juices and flavors. They are made from a noni pulp, puree or concentrate that is transported to the US in cargo ships and then reconstituted with a mixture of water and grape, guava or berry juices.

Virgin Noni Juice’s Hawaiian noni juice is 100% pure noni juice with nothing added. Our noni juice is not made from a puree or concentrate and we do not mix our noni juice with water or other juices. Our Virgin Noni juice is made using the traditional Hawaiian method and our noni fruits are hand picked at their peak of ripeness ensuring the highest nutritional value and healing properties.

Of course you can mix our 100% pure noni juice with water or other fruit juices at home, but then you know how much noni you are actually drinking and you’re saving yourself a lot of money too.