Virgin Noni Juice: Your source for Hawaiian 100% Pure Noni Juice

Certified Organic Noni Juice – Farmer Direct – Hawaiian Grown 100% Pure Noni Juice


We have been farming noni and making our noni juice on the Big Island of Hawaii for over 20 years. From the noni plants’ beginnings in the virgin rich volcanic soil of Hawaii to our bottled 100% pure noni juice, we can guarantee the quality and potency of our Virgin Noni Juice.

We are committed to providing the purest and most potent noni juice in the world. Our noni juice is totally virgin – untouched, unaltered, guaranteed 100% additive free with no preservatives, no colors, no water, no sugar, no fruit juice or other flavors added. Our noni juice is NOT made from puree, pulp, or concentrate. Our Virgin Noni Juice is made from fresh, hand-picked, fully ripe, naturally grown noni fruit.

Our noni fruit is grown in the nutrient rich volcanic lava soil in the lower Puna regions on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our noni trees are growing in their natural habitat on top of the old lava flows along the ocean’s coast.

We are preserving the ancient traditional Hawaiian methods for producing the richest and most potent Hawaiian 100% pure noni juice. We use only the highest quality fully-ripe noni fruits that are carefully hand picked and then fermented for several weeks allowing the noni juice to naturally seep from the fruit.

We are very proud to offer you such a wonderful product and invite you to experience the amazing results that millions of people around the world have found with noni juice!

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much!)