Pure Noni Juice

All Natural 100% Pure Hawaiian Noni Fruit Juice. Made from wild picked or naturally farmed noni fruit on the Big Island of Hawaii


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Our Virgin Noni Juice is nothing but 100% pure noni fruit juice made from fresh, hand picked, fully ripe, whole noni fruit grown on the Big Island of Hawaii.

For more than 20 years we have been farming noni and making noni juice. Our Noni Juice is made the traditional Hawaiian way using ripe noni fruit that is fermented for several weeks allowing the juice to naturally seep from the fermenting fruit. Always grown using sustainable agriculture methods we have preserved the Hawaiian traditions of making the most pure and potent noni juice that is shipped straight from our farm to your door!


100% Pure Hawaiian Noni Fruit Juice

NOT made from reconstituted puree, pulp, or concentrate. Guaranteed additive free – no preservatives, no water, no sugar, no fruit juices or any other flavors added.

Non GMO, Vegan, Certified Kosher

Recommended Use

Drink 1 oz (2 tbsp) once or twice daily. For best results take on an empty stomach. If desired mix with fruit juice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Great Noni juice

I enjoy Noni juice, Noni honey and other noni supplements. My health tremendously improved since I started taking Noni.

Dwight O. Franco
Virgin Noni Is the real deal

Virgin Noni juice from (Kanal farms) is pure at It’s best. I take a 1 ounce. Doses on a empty stomach
Before going off to work. I work for a natural gas
Pipe Line Company have 46 years and age is 70 years young. I thank God first. leading me to Virgin Noni juice that gives me energy to complete my
9hr days. I thank Kanal farms for making It affordable to its customers and keeping It pure.
This Noni juice is the real deal. Customer service is the best. When I order I choose to order over the phone. I recommend this company highly.

Aida Harris

Pure Noni Juice

Great Company

I’ve just started drinking Noni juice daily. The placement of order was very simple and the product was shipped in a very timely manner and was packed very neatly and secured. The product seems to be of a very high quality. I’ll be continuing to order Noni juice from Virgin Noni

James Drumgold
Virgin organic noni juice is the most perfect for m

I am a Vietnam veteran And I suffered from chronic pain over 40 years in and out the VA for pain most of the doctors will give you painkillers and we all know what that will do to you? In my search to rid me of these painkillers, holistically I searched Dr Becker introduce me to noni juice I tried the following brands Swanson Puritan vitacost etc they somewhat made a difference but nothing to rave about then for some Divine reason I discovered virgin organic noni juice or virgin organic juice discovered me 😊✝️ I have had no need to take a painkiller for 6 months my doctor was amazed I thank God and the virgin organic noni juice farms for being there when God called thank you aloha mahalo.

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