What is Noni?

Noni is the common Hawaiian name for Morinda citrifolia. The noni plant is a type of evergreen ranging in size from a small bush to a tree 20 or 30 feet high that grows in open coastal regions from sea level to elevations of 1300 feet. The noni fruit is approximately the size of a potato and has a lumpy appearance with a waxy, semi-translucent skin that ranges in color as it ripens from green, to yellow, to almost white when it is ripe and ready for juicing.

The noni fruit has been part of the healing traditions of the Hawaiians and Polynesians for thousands of years and is now receiving more and more attention around the world. Numerous scientific studies lend support to benefits of adding noni to your diet.

What does Noni Juice taste like?

Our Virgin Noni Juice (100% Pure Noni Juice and Certified Organic Noni Juice) is 100% pure noni fruit juice and has not been sweetened, watered down, or mixed with other fruit juices. Some other noni juice brands will mix their noni juice with other fruit juices or flavors, diluting the noni juice in order to improve the taste which reduces the potency. Because pure Noni Juice is a fermented fruit juice it can taste quite strong to some people and if you want to improve the taste we encourage you to mix your noni juice dose with your favorite fruit juice. While no one would describe pure noni juice as tasting good – most noni juice drinkers will take their 1oz shot of pure noni juice straight and they enjoy the unique taste!

What is the difference between Hawaiian Noni and Tahitian Noni?

There’s little difference between noni fruit grown in Hawaii and noni fruit grown in Tahiti. Noni grows all around the world in Hawaii, Tahiti, China, Malaysia, India… and it is the very same plant. Of course different climates, soil and other factors are more conducive to growing healthy noni plants and fruit. Our farms are in the Puna region on the Big Island of Hawaii where the growing conditions and rich volcanic soil are ideal and our noni trees are lush and full of fruit year round.

There are however very important differences between our Hawaiian Virgin Noni Juice and many other noni juices irregardless of which part of the world the noni is grown.

The main difference is that a lot of these other noni juices are not pure noni juice but instead a diluted watered down mixture of different juices and flavors. They are made from a noni pulp, puree or concentrate that is transported to the US in cargo ships and then reconstituted with a mixture of water and grape, guava or berry juices.

Virgin Noni Juice’s Hawaiian noni juice is 100% pure noni juice with nothing added. Our noni juice is not made from a puree or concentrate and we do not mix our noni juice with water or other juices. Our Virgin Noni juice is made using the traditional Hawaiian method and our noni fruits are hand picked at their peak of ripeness ensuring the highest nutritional value and healing properties.

Of course you can mix our 100% pure noni juice with water or other fruit juices at home, but then you know how much noni you are actually drinking and you’re saving yourself a lot of money too.

How do I take Noni juice and when should I take it?

Noni juice is a natural fruit juice and it is impossible to overdose! A recommended starting dose is 1oz. once or twice a day (morning and evening). It is best to drink noni juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning or half an hour before meals. Once your body becomes accustomed to noni you can increase your dosage as desired.

It is perfectly fine to rinse down or mix your noni juice with other fruit juices or water.

How soon will I notice the effects of Noni?

Everyone is different in terms of age, size, and health status. Some people will notice a difference immediately, while others will take longer to experience the benefits. This depends on the overall health situation of each individual. In our experience most people will notice some effects within the first couple weeks of starting to drink noni juice.

What is the shelf life of your noni juice?

Unopened bottles of our pasteurized Virgin Noni juice (100% Pure Noni Juice and Certified Organic Noni Juice) have a shelf life of at least 2 years. Once opened your Noni juice should be kept refrigerated and we recommend finishing the bottle within 6-8 months.

Our RAW Noni Juice is an unpasteurized fermenting product. It is filled to order and shipped to you straight from our farm. Upon receipt our Raw noni juice should be stored in a refrigerator and we recommend that it be used within 8 months from date of purchase.

How is your Noni juice made?

Our Virgin Noni Juice is made using the traditional Hawaiian way known as ‘dripping’. First we carefully hand-pick only the ripe noni fruit which is then carefully washed and put in large 50 gallon containers. The noni fruit is then fermented for several weeks allowing the juice to naturally seep from the noni fruit. The stacked noni fruit becomes a natural press that lets the juice flow under the weight of all the ripe fruits. The pure noni juice is then strained several times and pasteurized in a way to preserve the most nutrients, vitamins, and especially keep the important enzymes active.

How much Noni fruit does it take to make Noni juice and Noni powder?

About 7 lbs of noni fruit makes a quart of noni juice. It takes about 10 lbs of noni fruit to make a pound of noni powder.

Can I take Noni juice while I am seeing a doctor?

Noni is a safe fruit with no known counter-indications, side effects, or negative interactions with other medications. Rather in some cases Noni permitted other medications to act more efficiently, allowing a decrease in the dosage of the medication. If you are currently under a doctor’s care, it is important to let them know that you plan to take Noni and listen to their advice.

Can pregnant women and children take Noni?

Absolutely! Generally children drink smaller amounts then adults, according to their weight. Many pregnant women drink Noni Juice and have shared the health benefits they experienced from taking Noni during their pregnancy.

What is your RAW/unpasteurized Noni Juice?

Our RAW 100% Pure Certified Organic Hawaiian Noni Juice is an unpasteurized fermenting product. It is filled to order and shipped to you straight from our farm. Upon receipt our Raw noni juice should be stored in a refrigerator and we recommend that it be used within 8 months from date of purchase. Due to the RAW fermenting nature of this product it can build pressure due to the natural fermentation and cause your bottles to leak. Please take this into account when ordering. Below are some guidelines to help you enjoy your Raw fermented Noni juice:

  • When you first receive your raw noni juice, open the caps of your bottles to release any built up pressure and then put bottles in the refrigerator.
  • When opening caps to release pressure build up, please use caution and make sure to point the bottle away from your face. We recommend using a towel to soak up any juice that may fizz out.
  • Raw noni juice should be stored in the refrigerator. Keep cold, but do not freeze the raw noni juice. Refrigerating the raw noni will slow down fermentation. At warmer temperatures, the raw noni will ferment much faster, which causes a buildup of pressure in the glass bottle which can cause breakage.
  • Once refrigerated you should open the caps on your raw noni juice bottles once a week to release any built up pressure. Release pressure build up more frequently/daily if your raw noni juice reaches warmer temperatures.

Our RAW noni juice is prepared for human consumption and the FDA requires this warning.

WARNING: This product has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.