100% Pure Noni Powder Capsules


60 veggie caps per bottle 517mg Noni Powder in each capsule

Ingredients: 100% Pure Noni Powder made from certified organic Noni fruit. Capsules are 100% natural Hypromellose made from pure vegetable cullulose, no preservatives, gelatin, wheat, gluten, animal by-products or starch.

Our Virgin Noni Powder is nothing but 100% pure noni fruit powder made from hand-picked, organically grown noni fruit!

Suggested use: Take 2-4 capsules daily with juice or water. Increase or decrease dosage as desired.

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    2 capsules

    Posted by Katherine Shiraki on Sep 13th 2019

    I think it helps me feel better and over all health. Will continue to take noni. Thank you.

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    Noni Virgin Powder an excellent body supplement

    Posted by Cirila Villaflores on Dec 20th 2018

    My husband andI have been taking Noni for the past one year and we have noticed that this had reduced our arthritis pain. There was a time when we have missed taking noni for two months and our pains just surfaced back. Noni helped strengthen our immune system. Thank you fo sharing us this product.

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    15 year customer

    Posted by Virgie Lynch-Thornton on Oct 20th 2017

    I'm now 78 years young, & can honestly say that Noni Juice & Noni capsules has helped in keeping my body stronger. I do not experience any of the pains that seniors usually complain about. But I also exercise & try to eat properly.

  • 3
    Works for me.

    Posted by De Zdralevich on Aug 2nd 2017

    Was disappointed when I tried to reorder this product & found it was out of stock. Does this happen often.
    It is a good product & seems to work for me.

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    I'm a believer!

    Posted by Rose W. on Feb 9th 2017

    My father introduced me to Noni a little over a year ago. I had worked retail for several years and the floors were all concrete slabs. Standing, walking, kneeling, and climbing ladders really did a number on my knees. I tried Noni powder capsules and am very happy that I did. I make sure to take them every day. They keep the swelling down and I now have minimal pain. Thanks Noni!

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    Works very well for anxiety and depression

    Posted by Cori on Oct 29th 2016

    My sister was suffering severe anxiety do to life stress to the point where she would constantly bawl and wasn't functioning at all. She would not take the juice but was willing to take the Noni Pills. She called me up after taking them once, stating it was the first time she had felt like her normal self in over a year. :)

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    it works

    Posted by Diana Van Cleve on Apr 5th 2016

    A friend who lives in Hawaii gave me a bottle and I've been using ever since. Arthritis pain in my hands has greatly diminished.

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    Beneficial Supplement

    Posted by Lane on Nov 11th 2015

    I have auto-immune disease which can only be treated symptomatically. Since I began using the Noni juice capsules, I have noticed a definite improvement in the body aches and joint pain. I also have noticed that I feel far less lethargic when I take it regularly. Nothing works 100% for auto-immune patients, but the Noni capsules definitely make daily life far more comfortable and closer to normal. The difference is obvious if I miss taking it and I have experienced no side effects.

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    Helps the overall body

    Posted by Ann on Jul 6th 2015

    Since I have been taking Noni Juice Capsules, I have quit purchasing about 4 different supplements (for heart health, joint health, cholesterol, etc.) I added to my regime each day. I have seen no ill effects from doing that and do notice when I don't take it. I do highly recommend this product to my friends.

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