Equine Noni Gallon Jug 100% Pure Hawaiian Noni Juice - for Horses and Pets


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Ingredients: 100% pure Hawaiian Noni Fruit Juice

Certified Organic.

Guaranteed additive free - no preservatives, no water, no sugar, no fruit juices or any other flavors added.

Our Virgin Noni Juice is nothing but pure noni fruit juice from our hand-picked, organically grown noni fruit from our farm here on the Big Island of Hawaii!

NOT made from reconstituted puree, pulp, or concentrate.

Suggested use: 2 ounces twice daily. Add to grain during feeding.

Free Shipping on all USA Orders
FedEx 2nd Day Air straight from Hawaii!

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  • 5
    Best Noni of there!

    Posted by Tami Clegg on Sep 25th 2017

    I've been using Noni for over 20 years. Virgin Noni is by far the best! Saves us thousands of dollars a year on vet and Dr bills!

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    Love! Love! Love!

    Posted by Tami on Jul 20th 2016

    Love this stuff so much! Been using Noni for 25+years . This Noni is the best!

  • 5
    only brand I use

    Posted by Monica Tetuan on Jun 16th 2016

    My older horses are more flexible and hold weight with this. I have considered being a distributor if possible because I live in horse country.

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    I wish that I had found your products years ago

    Posted by Diana Pernicka on May 4th 2016

    I've only been using your product for about two weeks, and in that time my horses seem to be more elastic in their muscles and joints, I had a new born loose in the bowels and gave him 3 ounces and the next day he was up running around and no more loose bowels. But the greatest thing in two weeks of taking one ounce a day, I have found my memory improving and I have no problems expressing myself. This may not seem like much, but believe me, this is tremendous.

  • 5
    Great for anhydrosis

    Posted by Elisha on Jul 9th 2015

    Living in south Louisiana, anhydrosis is a big problem with older horses. When my TB eventer stopped sweating about 5 years ago I tried the vet recommendations of One AC and Let em Sweat. They worked the first year, but then they stopped working. A friend of mine recommended Noni juice - starting in the spring 2oz twice a day. I was skeptical but figured I didn't have anything to lose. Well I'm going on my third year on Equine Noni and my TB is still sweating! Best of all that he seems to enjoy the taste.

  • 5
    Horses coats are fabulous!

    Posted by Ann on Jul 6th 2015

    Since using Equine Noni Juice on my horses, their coats just absolutely glisten! My horses are spoiled and exceptionally well taken care of but I have still seen their coats even get better. People comment on them whenever they see them. The horses love the juice as well. Great product. I have taken them off all other supplements for joints, hooves, etc and have had no side effects so I have to presume it is helping with those issues as well.

  • 5
    Good product

    Posted by Tracy on May 26th 2015

    We always keep a stock of your noni juice at our ranch and I can't even list all of the different things we use the noni juice for. Great benefits for the horses and other livestock.

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    Great for my horses

    Posted by Kathy on May 7th 2015

    A friend recommended your noni juice and my horses love it and it really helps all of them in so many different ways.

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